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Food Rescue: Will you save all the food before it becomes rotten?

A topic by CodeOrange created Sep 09, 2017 Views: 152 Replies: 2
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Working on my first GameJam Project called: Food Rescue.

City ran out of power and all the Food starts rotten. It is on you, Paul, to save all the Food :)
Find and eat as much you can but dont eat too much, you will get more fat. Start running around to waste callories but dont run out of power or you will starve.

Take a look:

Updated to 0.6.

New items: Beer and Chewinggum

Fixed Control of Player

Added more stats

Added Player death :)

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Updated to 0.9:

- ADD: Intro
- ADD: Sounds for walking, eating etc
- ADD: Background-Music for Menu and ingame
- ADD: Button to switch music and sounds on/off

- ADD: Additional keys: WASD, RIGHT SHIFT
- ADD: RETRY Button if Login to Playfab failed
- FIX: Highscore now saves correct every score
- FIX: Handling with Playfab optimized

- ADD: (Online) Highscore
- ADD: Paul explodes if he dies
- FIX: Small improvements