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[MacOS] Folders in Collections don't show up in the app

A topic by addictarts created Sep 06, 2017 Views: 557 Replies: 2
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I have deluxe. Also I click the folder and nothing but the original ones. What is the point of copying to Collections if you have to open each individually? Thanks for any help.

I am on Mac OS Sierra. I have followed

This step "Create a new folder in [Asset Forge executable or app]/Collections/ with the name of your collection" is not obvious, does it mean inside the dot app folder next to Contents? The Asset Forge folder has a Collections folder next to the Asset This is where i put the folders with OBJ's and MT's.

My app is in

/Users/me/Applications/Asset Forge/

/Users/me/Applications/Asset Forge/Collections


This is not the place to report any bugs that you have found. Please see the link below for the 'Bug Reports' section.

You have currently placed it in the 'Custom Blocks' section. Probably won't be seen as quick as you'd like by putting it in here.



Thanks, I have posted it there. However I do think Mac users should be aware of this and maybe it be pinned here in some form.