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[Music] Looking for composer

A topic by murillokb created Sep 04, 2017 Views: 274
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Edit: That was fast! I received responses from very talented and passionate people who wish to work on the games. This topic can be closed now. Thanks for all the responses!

Hi, my name is Murillo, I’m a recently graduated game designer and I’m looking for a composer.

During my Uni time, I worked on 3 games which you can find on my portfolio or check the videos directly on YouTube.

Right now, I’m looking forward to publishing the games on and other platforms, but first I need to replace the music (which isn’t licensed). It is not as simple as finding license free music. I’m a game feel enthusiast and the games were designed around the music and feeling.

This is not a paid gig as the games will be most likely distributed for free, but we can discuss a commission if you think your work fits perfectly into the games. This is a chance to add one more game to your portfolio, you will be on the credits and if we decide to actually sell one of the games you will have your share.

If you wish to contact me directly, just send me an email: or hit me up on twitter: @murilllokb

Thank you!