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Goblins of Elderstone

Build a goblin village! Manage a chaotic tribe! Survive Winter! Expand, Trade and Conquer! Be the Goblin King! · By lostgoblin

Game crashes at startup

A topic by zonemaster created Sep 01, 2017 Views: 132 Replies: 3
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After installing Unreal Engine 4 it just crashes immediately at startup.

Screenshot below:

It seems a shame I had to buy the game first to find out it doesn't work.

>>> Okay seems it does work but I have to execute the exe in

Folder: C:\Games\Itch\Goblins of Elderstone\GoblinsOfElderstone\Binaries\Win64

File: GoblinsOfElderstone-Win64-Shipping.exe

>>> Launching from within Itch will cause a crash like in the screenshots above executing the file....

Folder: C:\Games\Itch\Goblins of Elderstone

File: GoblinsOfElderstone.exe

Hi there

Thats really weird, should just work normally out of itch, we havent had people report this before.

Thanks for letting us know!