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Create your own 3D models and 2D sprites! · By Kenney

Kenney Modular Buildings - for Asset Forge!

A topic by Any_Key created Aug 31, 2017 Views: 4,073 Replies: 5
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Here's Kenney's Modular Building set ( )all modified to work in Asset Forge. There are 108 blocks in this kit all re-named to make searching easier in the next update.

These blocks are really only subitable for quickly making building exteriors so while it may be faster to make a house or office building using these you'll need to make the interior using something else. Additionally these have not been modified to be fit seamlessly with built in kits so if roofs from the City or Castle kit fit that's an added bonus but not at all planned. As seen in my other posts here using this set it does mesh well with the road kit, of which I need to set tile names before it's ready, and with some tiles from other sets.
Due to the number of blocks in this kit it may take a second for the folder to load in Asset Forge the first time you use it. This set serves as a decent benchmark for Asset Forge's performance as far as generating thumbnails goes.
I think some of the tiles/blocks can use better names to help group them in the selection pannel better so if you find any that shoud be named something different please let me know.

Preview Image!

To add these blocks to Asset forge open the ZIP and copy the included "Buildings" directory to [Asset Forge Folder]/Collections .

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Hello Any Key,

First of all thank you for the custom blocks. That said, the download link seems to not be working. It opens but when you (I) try to download the file, nothing happens.

EDIT: everything went fine when I tried without IDM

:( is there any other way to get it?

Click on the first link AKA


Any_Key, this is probably futile with this much time having passed, but just in case you do see this...

You've posted a number of highly-regarded assets for Asset Forge here on, but all of the download links are expired. Is there any chance you still have copies of any of these files? If so, and you wanted to send me another temp D/L link, I would be happy to find a more permanent place to host them so that people can continue to enjoy them as time goes by.


Any Key posted a set of links in discord for those resources: