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Explore and garden in an infinite world. · By Graeme Borland

Help? Please?

A topic by Nexioz created May 07, 2021 Views: 165 Replies: 3
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I can't open the downloaded file... Uh- It said I need an app to do so but what kind of app? Can anyone name one that works thats available on the google chrome webstore please?


Hi there! You'll need to unzip the file you downloaded in order to run the game. Windows has the ability to do this built-in, you don't need any extra app. Just right-click the file and click "Extract All...", then follow the instructions to unzip its contents.

Thank you so much! But- I'm not on windows I don't think? I'm on a Chromebook so that would be Mac right?


Ah, unfortunately the game will not run on a Chromebook. Chromebooks use Chrome OS, which is not the same as Windows or Mac OS - and Carroneath only supports Windows.