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Life on Mars REMAKE

Old school 16 bit looking metroidvania with RPG elements. PLAYABLE DEMO AVAILABLE · By Oscar Kenneth Albero Ingles

Higher resolution

A topic by Jonathan_80 created Aug 26, 2017 Views: 205 Replies: 2
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Thank you for this nice remake.

Is it possible to change the resolution? Or remove the blur?

Greetings from Holland,



Hi Jonathan, thank you, I am glad you like the game :)

The game is a 16 bit looking game (the original I made on 2015 for msx2). So the resolution is fixed. You can exit full screen with alt+enter to play at a more friendly resolution in window mode, or you can press the 1 key on the keyboard (not the numeric pad, but the 1 above the Q) to switch scanlines on and off.

Regarding the blur, I am not sure what blur you are talking about. There should not be any blur. Perhaps your graphics card is using a blur to scale the image to full screen?

Hi Oscar, It's not a big deal. Love retro. Just thought I miss something in the option screen.

The blurry effect is indeed the scaling to fit my screen.

Thnx for your answer.