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Raji: An Ancient Epic, action adventure game set in ancient India

A topic by Raji: An Ancient Epic created Aug 25, 2017 Views: 1,017 Replies: 9
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Link to game page

Raji: An Ancient Epic is an action adventure game set in Ancient India. Raji, a young girl is chosen by the gods, to stand against the demonic invasion of the human realm, her destiny to rescue her younger brother and face the demon lord Mahabalasura.
Hey everyone,
We are Nodding Heads Games, situated in Pune, India. Raji: An Ancient Epic is our debut game.  We will be regularly providing updates in regards to where the project is headed. Our aim is to launch our Kickstarter campaign in Q4 2017 and would need help of each of you to see us reach our goal. We hope you find this blog entertaining and delightful, please share your thoughts on  Thanks.

Square Enix Collective Trailer

Environment Reveal


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Thanks for sticking around, please let us know your thoughts on what we've revealed so far.  We'll be going live on Kickstarter in couple of Months from now, if you do like our game then follow us on our social media channels, we have new content everyday Wednesday and Saturday, and Twitch Streams on Monday. Hope you enjoyed this so far, cheers!

We will be updating this Devblog time to time, thanks again!

Link to ITCH.IO Game Page

Looks great, I've added it to my coming soon collection. Here's a link to the game page since it doesn't appear to be linked in this topic:

Thank you for your comment. I've mended the topic with the link. Thanks again!

Dev Blog #1 Initial Environment Sketches

These  the initial environment sketches of the game, we had not hit production and our artists were chalking out initial ideas. As soon as we started to show them around to our friends, we knew we were building something that can catch attention and it reinforced our confidence in the project. We feel we've come a long way and yet there are miles to go.


Wow this looks beautiful! I would love to play a game based in ancient India. I'll be following this and supporting the kickstarter when that happens. Good luck!

Thank you, that's just great to hear!

This article will take you through the phases of Gadasura, one of our demons. The name Gadasura translates to mace demon. Our artist has arranged these images for you to have a glimpse of the process we went through for the Gadasura.

What you see below is a glimpse of the exploration and iteration of our demon Gadasura, a mighty mace demon in the universe of Raji: An Ancient Epic. Threatening as always, these demons can wreck havoc to the front lines of an enemy formation, skilled through generations of training mace combat, these demons will prove quite a challenge to Raji. 

We have utilized various software's like Marmoset, ZBrush, Max, Maya to achieve the output. Below you can see various phases of what we've achieved through the iterations. To know more about the character creation/artstyle you can watch the  live stream we did on YouTube.


What you're watching above is an early part of the level, this includes the grand arena where the first combat takes place. This environment video includes several new assets, plus we have our weapon Trishul fully textured to glory. The glowing gems on the Trishul indicate that certain powers have been selected by the player, hence serving the purpose of feedback. 

Above you can see the addition of waterfalls. The purple flowers were brought in to give contrast to the environment.

The center of the arena has an engraved "Mandala" pattern, which we are using later as a puzzle mechanic as well.

The drawbridge serves the purpose of teaching "Throw" mechanic, even though it's not visible at the moment and the drawbridge just falls in the video, this is something we are working on.

Last but not the least, the open drawbridge. Hope this little reveal was delightful to your eyes.

We're just few weeks away from our Kickstarter, cheers :) 

We're releasing some in-game screenshots showcasing our progress, feel free to share your thoughts

Hi folks, recently we made it to an important milestone for our game. We're up and live on Square Enix Collective!
We worked our butts off to make sure we don't miss the deadline. You can watch our brand new trailer right below.

Head over here to vote for us!