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Steam Keys...

A topic by batmobilly created Aug 23, 2017 Views: 177 Replies: 3
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If I purchase the game on itch.io will I also receive a Steam Key?..this is usually the case on itch.io, however I didn't want to make that assumption only to find out you don't supply purchasers with Steam Keys...thanks


Hi Batmobilly,

We can provide you with a steam key for free if you purchase the game here, so you can enjoy unlocking achievments on Steam (that is a nice extra)

Once you purchase the game here, just contact me and we will send you a Steam key (the steam delivery key is not integrated in this portal. This portal allows you to download a non-Steam installable version).

Just send me a snapshot/picture of the itch.io purchase invoice at my email so I can verify it is you and not someone who hasn't purchased the game who is contacting me via email.

My personal email is: kennethalbero@hotmail.com


you can se pepole that have purchased it. and you cna then send an email to them.


Hi Olinguito,

Yes, I can see the emails of those who purchased it, but not the name or the alias, so I can't be sure since the email is usually quite different from the alias.

I can send a Steam key to any buyer who requests it, but sending a key to every buyer who already purchased the game and he is already playing the itch.io version, and he has no interest on the Steam version would cause Steam keys being sold on G2A or similar pages.