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Particle Fatigue

frustrating danmaku in a depressing abstract world · By DreamsBell

Interpretations of the Intro Voice-Over

A topic by The Mace created 94 days ago Views: 30 Replies: 1
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I thought I'd post something here about the voice over in the intro of the game. I could only make out the bit at the end and I think it says:

"No-one can understand it, and it is the nature of its/this system"

Maybe the intro isn't particularly important to the game and isn't intended to be understood, but I think it's real neat and I'm curious about what it says. If anyone else made out a different bit, please do reply with what you came up with!

Edit: The end bit might say "the nature of existence" rather than "its/this system" and also I think the beginning might say "There are times in this world when..."


Ooh nice interpretation! I'm not sure how much you'd like me to give input on this or let people speculate :)