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I'm 16 and I release my 2nd game "sad robo"

A topic by Anicet Ngrt created Aug 21, 2017 Views: 200 Replies: 2
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I'm a 16 years old french game dev and today I release my 2nd game. This is a free web game downloadable on or directly playable on github/pages. This is a 2d shooter game including 2players vs on local multiplayer. Thers are some original gameplay mechanics which, as for me, turn it into a demanding 2d shooter despite its minimalist level design. The game run good, sadly, only on firefox and you should definitely check page for more informations/screenshot etc...
Feedback is highly appreciated :)


Hi there! Unfortunately I don't have a friend to play with, but it looks fun from the screenshots. What was the problem when you tried to embed it on Also, just out of curiosity, the archive seems rather large. I hope the game doesn't try to load hundreds of megabytes of JS and assets into the browser. o_o

I'm using phaser.js which is pretty big that's why. Only 2 js files are running. I added IA vs this morning so you'll be able to play it ! Also the error with was pretty strange I don't remember it. I'll try later in a few build to see if it is fixed. Thanks a lot for support !