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Double Dragon Reloaded Alternate - Major update build 2.0.2 is released!

A topic by magggas created Aug 19, 2017 Views: 375 Replies: 2
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Hello everyone, just wanted to let you know about the new major update release for my DDRA game. DDRA is a freeware game for PC.  The game is an mix of the arcade DD1 and DD2, with the addition of extra custom stages, extra weapons and all moves from DD Advance too. You can play as single player or up to 2 players co-op mode, and you can choose between 5 (now 10) different characters to play.

-What's new in this release-

1. Added 5 more selectable characters : Roper, Williams(DD2), Linda(DD2), Bolo, Willy.
2. Added The famus "Player vs Player" fight at the end in co-op mode.
3. Some bug fixes are made as well.

Download Page:

Here you can watch the updates in action:

looks awesome! artwork is very nice 

Thank you very much!