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How to implement a French translation?

A topic by LoubiTek54 created Aug 16, 2017 Views: 326 Replies: 7
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Hello !

I started to translate your software into French with a new file that will be called vocabularyFr.
I would like to know the procedure to test and see directly the result.
How to do ?


I'm pleased to see the first CosmicEveryday's translator :)

To display your translation in settings, you should edit other vocabularies. Language packs are listed in settings -> languages section (line 204).  There should be a pair of lang code (the same as in vocabulary's name, like Fr, En, Ru) and a language name in native and translated state. An edited section may look in such way:

"languages": {
    "En": "English",
    "Fr": "Français (French)",
    "Ru": "Русский (Russian)"

Then your language will appear in app settings on the next launch of Cosmic Everyday.

Please let me know if you need some more help ;)

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Indeed, I saw line 204 before when you talked about it.

Then apply like this:

"En": "English (Anglais)",
"Ru": "Русский (Russian)"
"Fr": "French (Français)

After some tests that do not work. (Opening closes directly after launch)
I have isolated each file and found that a missing comma was the cause of the problem.

So I try your own way of doing it.

"En": "English (Anglais)",
"Fr": "Français (French)",
"Ru": "Русский (Russian)"

But is order important?
In short, the main thing is that it was able to launch and display the translation option.

However, once I click above an error is generated.
A problem with the json file.

Testing with the new version 0.5.2
But is order important?

Order in code defines visual order in Cosmic Everyday only, but I recommend English alphabetical order for language codes just because they are usually laid in such order.

However, once I click above an error is generated.
A problem with the json file.

Seems like you missed some quotes. JSON files need their keys and string values be enclosed with double quotes, and values should be separated from each other with commas.

You may use a DuckDuckGo's JSON validator to check your translation for such errors online. Here I missed a comma (in a highlighted area) and it told me where exactly an error goes:

You may also use some free code editors like Atom, which highlight errors on-the-fly:


Okay, I thought I could have read my translations without translating everything.

So I'll finish completely and then correct the errors.
Thank you ! ^^


Hey LoubiTek, any news on your translation??

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Unfortunately no ! I lost the project, then abandoned for lack of motivation. I did not connect for a long time and I completely forgot about this. I'm sorry, I will download and start again soon. =/

Edit: The software does not start. Just the display of the introduction then the process runs in the background.


Yeah, something broke during the development process. Hope I'll get time for Cosmic Everyday during this month and on holidays :c