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The Hit

A game about stealth, observation and killing for money · By Dan Stubbs

I take it you need to buy the game to see latest builds?

A topic by Daza created Aug 15, 2017 Views: 337 Replies: 7
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I only have the demo installed which when played the graphics looks like it has corrupted textures that flicker as you move about, the building structures are fine though but nothing like the screen shots. I suggest making all development builds free to play and make it only mandatory to pay when most of the gameplay is in (like some games are on itch) and lock the last free playable build as the demo, this way you get more people interested in the game rather than play the current empty world demo with glitchy graphics, not a good impression. 


Hey Daza, thanks for your interest. The glitchy textures are an issue I've so far been unable to replicate, and none of the solutions I've tried have worked. I've tried it on several different PCs, but with no luck. I've been meaning to take it to Unity Technologies, but my main priority has been getting the narrative system working. I'll get it sorted, but I don't know when, sorry.

You're absolutely right about the free demo. I've been iterating a lot on the core code, in order to get the narrative hooks in place, so gameplay has taken a back seat, unfortunately. I've had previous builds with some of the gameplay working, but it inevitably gets broken when I rework systems, so I've been putting it off until the important systems are all in place and working. I'm starting to focus more on the interaction systems, so I'll be adding weapons very soon. Maybe even a zombie apocalypse mode, to test those systems. I'll try to keep the free build updated regularly, but the interaction system (and therefore weapons) will always be disabled in the free build.

Anyway, thanks for downloading the demo. Sorry it doesn't work properly on your computer, but it would really help me if I knew what your PC specs are (graphics card, CPU etc.).

Incidentally, this page was never supposed to be public. I created it after receiving a couple of requests from interested gamers, and it only went public after RockPaperShotgun published the link. I know that's not really an excuse, but I'm working hard to make it worth your time.

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Thanks for your reply Dan,

Actually my interest in this game goes back to when you created a reddit page for the Hit a year or so ago, and posted on there with suggestions etc and after a while it seemed the game was dead, so was glad to know you are still working on it as its a great idea and the scope you are going for.  I believe you are a one man band on this project so understandable there are somethings that you haven't had a lot of time to catch up on. 

My PC Specs:

CPU: AMD 8320 8 Core @3.5ghz , 64bit, Win 10, 8 gb Ram, Nvidia Geforce 1060 graphics card.

This is what it looks like. Also notice the skybox looks fine. It flickers as you move. 

On a side note, i think your game could have some graphic modes, like Black and White (like a b&w movie style- maybe some film grain texture filter layer on top like Mass Effect did in their early games) and a mode where it looks neon cyberpunk just for something different or someone mods the game with a cyberpunk flavour..

That's the problem there; Windows 10, the game isn't currently Wins 10 compatible I think.

I hope this will change in the near future. Am looking forward to this game, will probably buy into the ea if this will run properly on win 10.

Same here!


I'm not sure it's Windows 10, unless it's a conflict with NVidia cards on Win 10.  I've been using a Windows 10 laptop for the bulk of the development lately, but with an onboard graphics card. I desperately need a better PC, so I'll look into getting one with an NVidia card as soon as I can afford it.

I'll get it working, if I have to port the entire thing to Unreal Engine! Just without being able to replicate the bug, I can't start doing any tests to track it down.

Probably is a conflict with the cards; you never know! But seeing you being so supportive to this really makes me glad I added a little extra to ya when buying this project~ ;P