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Games won't UNinstall.

A topic by LizSenpaiii created Aug 14, 2017 Views: 401 Replies: 5
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Um, so for the last couple of  days. I downloaded some games I wanted to play with my friend. We played em and had fun! But, now they won't UNinstall. I know people have problems Installing them, but I can't get rid of mine xD. The old games I had will uninstall, but the recent ones won't ;-;. Halp!!


Is it just some games that won't uninstall? Can you post a list here?

Also, can you post your app log? You can find it in user menu -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Open app log


Yeah, its only SOME games that won't install. To be specific, the games I'm talking about are "Seven Doorways", "Cinderella Phenomenon" and "Asagao Academy".

Update: I Tried today to uninstall the games again. And it worked =). Whatever it was, it was a momentary bug or glitch...? Either way, my games uninstalled now!! Thank you for noticing my post!

having the same issue now on a number of games

i downloaded this game your dry delight and i cant uninstall it help me!!!!

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Force quit using task manager on windows. Right click it in the task manager process, it will now say end process, click that. Then proceed to uninstall. It's probably a good idea to keep your games in a separate folder once you download them. You really don't even need to uninstall them, just delete them if you know where they are as most games on this site are DRM free and shouldn't even want to to install on your computer.

On Mac just click on the apple in the top left corner of the screen and click on force quit, then click no the app you want to close, then delete the game. If you can, go into your library and in application support and stuff, delete stuff left over by it. ;-/