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Games won't UNinstall.

A topic by LizSenpaiii created Aug 14, 2017 Views: 303 Replies: 3
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Um, so for the last couple of  days. I downloaded some games I wanted to play with my friend. We played em and had fun! But, now they won't UNinstall. I know people have problems Installing them, but I can't get rid of mine xD. The old games I had will uninstall, but the recent ones won't ;-;. Halp!!


Is it just some games that won't uninstall? Can you post a list here?

Also, can you post your app log? You can find it in user menu -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Open app log


Yeah, its only SOME games that won't install. To be specific, the games I'm talking about are "Seven Doorways", "Cinderella Phenomenon" and "Asagao Academy".

Update: I Tried today to uninstall the games again. And it worked =). Whatever it was, it was a momentary bug or glitch...? Either way, my games uninstalled now!! Thank you for noticing my post!

having the same issue now on a number of games