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Furwind is a colorful, pixel art style, action-platformer game that evokes the challeging classics of the old days. · By Boomfire Games

Extend the attack-box a bit.

A topic by avfusion created Aug 13, 2017 Views: 256 Replies: 1
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Hey guys, love this charming little game. It plays well, and I like the way it feels like you're the slow one in the fight compared to the more acrobatic enemies. The only problem I'm having with it is you have to get so up in the face of the boss enemies, it feels really hit or miss of whether I'll... well hit or miss. And if I do hit, sometimes I slide just a bit or don't let up on the joystick in time and I'm hurting the little guy from ramming into the enemy with a teeny amount of give in between attack distance and collision.

Can you increase the attack-box distance by like a pixel or two?

Thanks y'all!


Thanks for posting your issue.

The problem could be because you are not well calculating the attack distance: there is a certain distance to attack the enemies with the tail attack.

This attack can also hit the head of a Boss without being damaged.

In addition to the tail attack, the player is able to stomp on the enemy too.

Finally, remember that Furwind has a stamina bar. If he's exhausted (by attacking too much) the player should wait a while until it is filled enough to re-attack.