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2.1 build Good/Bad opinion and NEED HELP!

A topic by ObnOxiOus created Aug 13, 2017 Views: 572 Replies: 1
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I can't finish this main quest Place Dee Dee stop... 3 of them... what materials are needed, where i obtain/craft/build those, what I must do?... I can't find any info

I had some problems with trees...I couldn't cut or kick in month 2 ...but then in month 3 everything was ok

At Commerce Guild:

Presley... he sometimes levitates on his invisible chair in the middle of the room...it's kinda cool but I don't think it's programed to do that

I think that guy Higgins is cheating, he has some hacks man, u can never beat him :)

Antoine (how he look and moves) I think he likes men a lot... and only men (not my business) he's cool tho he always give nice Commission quest and rewards

Guidebook it's too close to Antoine and when u try to reach him it's kinda hard when u hurry... I think Guidebook should be on that little table where Antoine goes and reads or something or the place where u could sold things in 1.0 build

Fishing is changed ...I think now it's better...but the tutorial is missing and for me was hard to understand the new method... but i master it now

Now In Abandoned Ruins u can find Leather Sofa (it's a pink couch), Fan (a ventilator), Clock and u can place them in your house it's nice to have them there, u can sell them, or use them for stamina ...that is what surprised me and me giggle :)

Amber Island cave:

Oh man that was the greatest thing in this game, it was so cool there's 2 bosses a lot of rats and crabs was awesome...but like giving a child an ice-cream... let him feel the taste and then took it away from him... that's how I feel when I see u can enter only for quest there... stupid me I done the quest on first enter and that was it ...WHYYYY?

Please help me finish the quest with Dee Dee stop so I can rerun the game just for Dungeon quest!

I run this on Ultra... AMD 8350, GTX 970, 8Gb DDR 3, Win7...till now no glitches or problems on graphic (that sunset when the ambience go red is so cool, U can see the sun go down ... TY for that I get to kiss my girlfriend every time that happens cause is romantic or something )

I hope Octomber will be the release and not another delay



The dee-dee stops are made on the assembly station. It's one page after the water tank (which has a blank page next to it, the page after that is the dee-dee stops)

The material you'll need:

  • 5x Hardwood plank
  • 4x Bronze pipe
  • 6x Bronze plate
  • 10x Fiber cloth

Never seen Presley levitate, but how do you mean higgins is cheating? Do you mean with sparring, trying to get a commission, or trying to beat his workshop with commission points? 

And yes, Antione is probably gay, if you chat with him he'll talk about how he likes the male doctor. Higgins is rude, django is eccentric, oaks digs through trash, and there are kids skipping around. It's character personality and development, better than all of them acting the same to the point you can't tell them apart, no? 

As far as having trouble reading the book while Antione is near it, it helps if you go behind the desk sometimes. I do agree that it'd be nicer if it was placed further away.

As far as I can tell, completing the dee-dee stops will not allow you back into that Amber Island cave. It closes after you finish that quest. If you want to farm it, you'd be better off restarting the game and avoiding finishing the quest so you can keep returning. 

Hope that helps