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INSANE - 2D puzzle platformer with horror elements

A topic by dobbey created Aug 12, 2017 Views: 394 Replies: 2
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Who are you?

We call ourselves Dobbey. Our team currently consists of two people.
We are both early 20's and come from Germany. At the moment this is our hobby.

What's the name of the game and what is it about?

The game is called Insane and it is a 2D adventure puzzle game with horror elements.

Insane is about a scientist who has been doing human experiments for years.
His most successful experiment is number 73, which seems to be mentally labile.
This experiment manages to flee one day but can't distinguish between reality and imagination.
In this game you will find a creepy atmosphere with difficult and varied puzzles.

What inspired you?

The style of the game is inspired by Limbo. But we were also inspired by Jump 'n' Run games and movies.
Of course, we have also our own elements like an inventory system, butterfly effect, the "INSANE" effect, using a QR-Code..

Which program do you use to develop the game?

We are programming it with Unity. In our opinion, it is the best program for indie games.
And of course we are working with Photoshop to create the graphics.

What platform will Insane be available on?

For PC.

How can I support you?

Insane Cover



Animation you can see on Twitter or Instagram.


Animation you can see on Twitter or YouTube.



Animation you can see on Twitter or Instagram.



Other pictures and animation you can see on Twitter and Instagram.  For videos check out our YouTube channel.

What do you think about our work?


Looks great, I like the graphical style.

Thank you!!

If you like to see more, you can check out our Twitter and Instagram where it is updated weekly.