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Goblins of Elderstone

Build a goblin village! Manage a chaotic tribe! Survive Winter! Expand, Trade and Conquer! Be the Goblin King! · By lostgoblin

getting stuck in the wall

A topic by williamjseim created Aug 09, 2017 Views: 270 Replies: 4
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there are these walls around the land you play on and then ever i go to the build button the screen moves back and in to a wall where it would get stuck and i can move the camera enymore

and also if i go over a lake or water and go down into it with the camera the camera just goes nuts

Hey there! Yup those 2 bugs we are aware of. The camera has been damn tricky with the procedural world and all. We'll have the lake one fixed in next update for sure (cause I know whats causing that one :) ) The camera in the side walls has been a bit of a bigger goblin to deal with but we'll get it sorted with this update as well we hope! 

Thanks for your support! hope you are enjoying the game otherwise :D

im enjoying it there just not that much to do and i dont really understand how the game decides to make babies for one game i get 12 babys the first year and the other i get 3

Hi I didnt see your last reply. You need to make sure you have enough warren space and food - this influences how many babies will be born. Male to female ratio also matters.