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Ashore - alpha v1.9.3 (report 1)

A topic by noahphense created Aug 09, 2017 Views: 143 Replies: 4
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Ashore - alpha v1.9.3 (report 1)

* (stones) Just how you did it with the tree.  Where we got the sticks as well as the wood, from a destroyed tree.  Can we do that with the boulders?  Show on the right, graphically, that we got those 'extra' rocks.

* (interesting) I did learn that you "can" rotate the foundations, and that will dictate the "concrete upgrade" pattern, and the wood grain pattern when you lay the wooden floor.  With that said, rather than creating "rotate'able floor tiles", you could just make all the foundation pieces have a nice wood grain pattern, showing the user which way that his floors will be later.  Right now, when you rotate the foundations, they are pretty low texture and you can tell its direction.  Just an idea.  (other option is to make everything have the ability to rotate)

* (sheep) It's not important at this stage, as it will be part of balancing.  Rabbits and sheep give one meat, maybe bump up the sheep to two meats.

* (idea / time) When you sleep indoors, you don't really know when to wake up, as you can't tell what time of day it is.  Maybe you want to sleep during the day and hunt at night, or vice-versa.  There are multiple ways to approach this, I will list some thoughts below.
a. Create an on-screen clock.  If I want to wake up at 7:00 AM, then I click the wake button when that time rolls around.
b. Create input dialog to ask the user how many hours to sleep, but still keep the "wake" button, so that they can get out of bed if they so desire.
c. Create both, (a) and (b).  ;)

* (PARTS storage) I have BP_Part1 (blueprint) and 150 Aluminum in my inventory (under PARTS), I don't see a "tab" for PARTS in the new mini-tab dialog you created, while I have a storage container open.  However, I do see that PARTS stays with you even after you die.  Had to test that.  I could see if maybe I had picked up my backpack and had some parts in it -- that was not the case.  Immediately after death, I still had all my parts.

So maybe your plans are to add the mini-tab to storage transfer and allow the storage of "parts"(?) ..  then let us lose EVERYTHING upon death.


* (null) have not started reporting on this yet

Developer (Edited 1 time)

Alright so!

1- I'll have the extra looted stone appear on the side


2- It's really tricky to work out the rotation of the base, floors and ceiling due to the way I coded it (about a year ago)

What i'll try first is make all of the base, floor and ceiling be placed in one direction regardless of the rotation, i'll have to re-texture some of the meshes but  I guess it has to be done. Because in my opinion if you were able to rotate everything, i'll have to save and load that information and at the end the player wont notice any differences and I don't think you'll really care what direction the floor is as long as its all aligned right?

Most are tiled anyways. However if you do care about choosing a specific direction (it does matter) let me know i'll do that instead cause i'm just assuming that it doesn't matter


3-Sheep will drop 2 instead of 1


4-Thanks for the suggestions! When you sleep the health will restore every second and an hour will pass by (time will pass in single player)

I'll make hunger go down very little and I'll add a clock on the UI.

As for setting a wake up time, i'll try to implement it for single player.


5-Parts! so first of all I need to change the name "Parts" lol, the reason you can't destroy, drop, sell, buy or store any of the boat related parts is to avoid cheating? (short-cut the escape), you don't have to escape if you don't want to but if you do, you have to work for these items you have to personally go to each base and loot multiple times, you don't have to do it alone you can co-op but you still have to do it your self, now because i'm forcing the player to do that instead of buying it or picking it up from a friend's storage box, it will be annoying if you lost them (I promise lol) especially that you cant move on in the game without it and you were forced in the first place. The player will lose interest immediately.

Thin line between Hard and Annoying, and I hope the game is more towards hard than annoying.

Saying that I could be completely 100% wrong lol, and that's why I'm very grateful when people criticize, share their thoughts & feedback.


Good evening,

(#2) Scratch all the rotation crap, it's not needed.  If you leave it all the way it is, it will be fine with the exception of this bug:

It's listed in the last 1.9.2 report.  As mentioned, it fixes itself after a load and save.  It is always reproducible.  Anytime you load up your game, and start making new floors, the boards are the wrong way.  Until a save and load.

I could careless about the overall direction of my floor boards.  ;)

(#4) Right now, hunger doesn't go down at all when I sleep.  Would definitely increase that, I remember it doing it in a previous version.

Forget about the wakeup time.  Don't want to have to have too many things that are different in MP vrs SP.  With that said, I only see 2 pieces here with #4.

a. add hunger to sleeping
b. add gui clock, that would be so nice!!

(#5) I understand now.  To be honest, the method that I've been playing has been quite slow.  Meaning that I am only now, making into mid-game mechanics because of constant testing.

With that said, here is an idea off the top of my head.
Make a checklist in the gui, a kind of journal, a list of goals related to getting off the island.

 ☐ 4000 aluminum
 ☐ this blueprint
 ☐ that blueprint
 ☐ special motor part
 ☐ etc



Next update will have all of that except for #5, cause I really like the checklist / journal idea! 

Will defiantly add that in future updates.

Thanks very much, cheers!

Deleted post

When you do add the clock to the GUI, maybe you could make it a toggle under Display in Settings?  Or the easier route would be to set it as a toggle and let the user have a hotkey for it in the Controls menu, like you have the "H" for hide chat..  [maybe "T" for time?]