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Pixel Farmer

A topic by Packer created Aug 07, 2017 Views: 97
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Pixel Farmer

Genre: Construction and management simulation
A farm building game, grow crops and harvest them before they go out of season, hire more farmers and expand your farm! Been developed primarily myself and additional work done by 2 friends.



Aug 07 -

I figured now that I've got a basic game running although not loop complete, I could show off a couple of shots of the progress. Pixel Farmer is a game based around the idea of running an expanding farm. Hiring farmers to increase your efficiency and handle more crops. Right now you can choose and tell your farmers where to plant crops, they will walk over, till the soil, sow, then water the plants. Every day plants need watering and you've got a limit window to grow seasonal plants so its a bit of a balancing act of how you use your time.

Still got to implement structure building and selling your plants. If there is still enough time left we're going to add farm Animals and if there is even more time left, using your crops and resources to produce products such as carton of milk or canned goods.

Its been really fun working within the constraints of the 64x64 window, coming up with artwork that is easily understood while not covering the screen with UI elements.