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​Ashore - alpha v1.9.2 (report 1)

A topic by noahphense created Aug 07, 2017 Views: 156 Replies: 5
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Ashore - alpha v1.9.2 (report 1)

(Let me start with, LOVE the new updates.  Going to play some more tonight.  I will keep a file open for "report 2".)

* (ui) Game Menu: controls -> ACTIONS column, KEYS column, do the same thing you did to the game side, with regard to scrolling with the mouse wheel.  Increase increments on ACTIONS and KEYS vscrolls?

* (ui) If I use E, to open a crafting table or workbench, chests, furnace, pretty much anything that can be opened or accessed with E, close with E?  [Same as you did for K, C, and I keys.]

* (ui) "F2" opens guide, "F2" to close guide?

* (ui) "ESC" opens main menu, "ESC" to close menu?

* (idea / hot-bar) scroll-wheel to roll through hot-bar, (scroll toward user = scroll hot-bar item-selection from left to right) .. 

* (bug) If you are running, and you open your inventory, you slide for a bit.

* (note / bug) If I destroy a metal window after it is placed (x key), I get some materials back.  If I destroy a metal window while it is in my inventory, I don't get anything back.  Not sure about other items, have not tested yet.  I am sure it just hasn't been coded yet.

* (texture) I'm sure you are still doing a lot with textures, so I wont call them bugs at this time.  The nice wooden window-walls don't line up.  The wall with the window hole in it.  (image attached)

* (related to above) I've decided to hold off on the naming-conventions (text displayed to users) for a bit.  For example, the current "window fence" would be called a "Window", more specifically, "Wooden Window X" or "Metal Window X".  The item you have listed currently as "Wooden Window X" or "Metal Window X", those would be called "Shutters", or more so, "Metal Shutters X", "Wooden Shutters X".

* (ui) There's no way back to the MAIN menu, from the CHARACTERS menu without selecting a character.

* (bug / audio) Animals make walking noises after they are dead.

* (idea) wall torches, yummy ..  (but still keep torches that you can place on the ground)

* (clipping) stairs clipping through exterior walls, or any walls.  Maybe just shave a tiny bit off both sides of the stairs.

* (hot-bar) If I have multiple placeable items in my hot-bar, I am stuck with placing the first one I have selected.  ie. I have torches and a small level_1 storage box on my hot-bar, I select the torch by pressing its hot-bar number, then I cannot press the number associated with the storage box, I must place the torch first as I cannot do anything else until I place that torch.  (not a big deal, as you can just use the P key to move it again later) .. just feels debilitating.

** (related to above) let all placeable items "cancel from placement" with RMB, just like you have setup for the campfire, once I have a campfire selected and ready to place, I am able to cancel it by pressing the RMB.

* (torch) speaking of torches, should the E option be grayed out while looking at the torch?  Or maybe you are adding a function for that in the future ..

* (bug) had to learn the "window fence" more than once.  Not sure what is the cause, I believe I had this in another report.  Maybe just add it to the list of when you work on blueprints.

* (note) lights passing through solid objects - torches outside base, light up inside base, same for lights on my 2nd floor, light up my first floor..  and when I am saying lights, I just mean the torches.

* (looting idea) make the animals disappear right after being looted

* (idea) campfires - maybe add a little more illumination to the campfire radius

* (new object: tent) (2) ingredients:
- sticks
- green part of the trees (so when you chop down a tree, you get (3 items) sticks, wood and foliage -- or you could add bushes, from that we could get foliage and a couple sticks)

[purpose of tent: to setup camp away from home, the tent would have same function as a bed]

[sucks carrying around my bed in the middle of the woods, the sheep start laughing at me, baaaaa.hhahhahaa...]

** While I was typing the above, I had the idea that there should be a chance to get attacked by wildlife "while sleeping" outdoors.

* (bug / hunger) I took a metal bed and went to sleep in outdoors for 3 days straight.  No attacks.  Also, I didn't lose hunger.

* (idea) have stamina go down, while using the axe or pickaxe (something you can do later, maybe add to your "Balancing List")

* (idea) when going to sleep, pick an amount of hours to sleep, but still give the option to wake up when you want, don't want users to feel "stuck".

* (?) Whats with the short-conical-transparent object near the pond in the middle of the map?  "What kind of sorcery is this?!"  :)

* (object size) doors seem to be short, gap above all doors

* (idea) on very first screen, where it says 'press enter', allow mouse click to pass-through? 'click the mouse or press enter' (?)

* (idea) when you press H to hide and show the chat area, maybe when it is minimized, it says "Show", maybe remove that "Show" button, as it is not a button, and cannot be pressed.  (image attached)

* (object orientation bug) if you create floors or ceilings, they go one direction.  When you save your game and load your game, and lay more floors or ceilings, they are going the wrong way..   BUT, then you save your game again, and load your game again, all the floors and ceilings are going in the same direction.  (images attached)



SAME GOES FOR CEILING TILES (this is prior to a save, after the save and reload, direction will be correct)

It seems that when the data file is being read in, "loading a saved game", you are interpreting the floor and ceiling direction as a static setting, which appears to fix the issue.  From a coding perspective, the quick fix is to let the floor and ceiling tiles be placed in that same direction in which you are "drawing the world" from the data file.

For a long term fix, allow the floor and ceiling tiles to be rotated by the user, save those directions in the "save game data file".  Of course, there's a bit more coding in this option.

I hope the above three paragraphs make sense.

Ok, done with first round of 1.9.2 .. I will edit this post as needed.



Welcome back Noah,

What a report! As always thank you very much.

Added to the list, hopefully 1.9.3 will include most of what you mentioned.

Really appreciate it, cheers!!

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Always a pleasure.  Keep up the great coding.  Scratching off the campfire idea.  It really doesn't get that dark in the game.


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PS -- Just finsihed playing with all the electrical.  I'll add a new section to the main reports, for Electrical .. 

Quick question .. ATM there is no way to string up multiple lights right?  Because it appears that everything only has one input and one output.

Developer (Edited 1 time)

Yes, for now only one connection can be done using the control box.

I already have Lv2 and Lv3 control boxes meshes and everything. I just haven't done the script + UI to connect more than one item from the same control box.

PS: Just uploaded a quick update (1.9.3) :P

(Edited 1 time)

Those look sweet!  Damn 1.9.3 .. ok, I'll start a new game file.

No need to rush the electrical, I was just wondering if I was doing something wrong.