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2015 Spice Rack - Collection of Six Games Made in 2015

A topic by Ellis Spice created Jan 04, 2016 Views: 246
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The '2015 Spice Rack' is a free collection of six games I released or developed in 2015. The games are:

  • Shoot-a Story, a text-based shooter where players get to battle against classical literature. (PC and Android)
  • Duckton Declares!, a game that tests how fast your ballot counting skills are. (PC and Android)
  • Bring Me Your Weak, a puzzle game where players path a hero to become a slime boss' daily meal. (PC)
  • Grow in the Hole!, a procedural golf game where players also have to worry about the ball becoming too big if they hit it too many times. (PC and Android)
  • R.E.C.T., a Thomas Was Alone inspired platformer where players swap between and create clones of three different characters. (PC)
  • Spell Stack, a 3D word rearrangement game where players stack blocks to spell out words. (PC and Android)

Thanks for reading and I hope you download and enjoy!