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How to Make a Good Level

A topic by awaremolten created Aug 06, 2017 Views: 173
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In this post, I will talk about the things that make and break a level, and how you can improve yours.

--Things to Avoid--

-Enemy Spam- Enemy spam is where you put an unreasonable amount of enemies into a level, and (at least for me) doesn't get the intended outcome of making the level hard. The enemies often kill each other, leading to very small enemy counts in the end. These levels are often not creative, and usually consist of a flat arena with enemies scattered all over.

-Bland Color Scheme- Although your color scheme doesn't effect how the level is played, it can effect the mood and make the level look more finished.

-Mazes/Puzzles- CDITDZ is a game about fighting robots. CDITDZ is not a game about solving puzzles or getting through a maze. If the puzzle and/or maze has enemies in it, however, then you've done a good job. But if the enemy is only there to show that the level was completed so the elevator will open, this defeats the purpose of the game.

--Things to Keep--

-Creativity- Make your levels creative! Good levels are usually the ones that break the boundaries of the game, using moving platforms and creating machines and such.

-Challenge- The challenging levels are always the most fun (unless they are too challenging, but c'mon. CDITDZ is not a rage-inducing game). If you think your level is too hard, then it is probably not. Easy levels that can be beaten in a matter of minutes are not very interesting.

--How to Fix a Level--

If your level has any of the things listed in the "Things to Avoid" section, then here are some easy ways to fix it.

If your level has enemy spam, not only remove some enemies, but also add variety to the enemy types and add some structure to the level.

If your level has a bland color scheme, you can easily change the colors, but also add some decorations to the level for a bit more exciting level.

If your level has a boring maze or a puzzle, then either stop working on the level, or don't upload it. There is really no easy fix to having an overall bad level.