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Any Good Phone App Ideas?

A topic by jakes1403 created Aug 05, 2017 Views: 190 Replies: 3
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Hello. I have been trying for a long time to get some wonderful ideas for a cell phone game but never could. If you have a really good idea that you want to happen please post it below. I am looking for something simple like Ballz or a one tap game. Thank you in advance!

I'd say trying to make something that's not a direct clone of an existing game is a pretty good idea, since you stand out more... especially considering a lot of phone games has been cloned literal hundreds of times.

One thing I'd suggest, if you're able to code a fun-enough system, would be to make an RPG game. JRPG content is relatively bite-sized (you can cram a few random battles into your bus ride, etc) and it's also MUCH faster to make than to consume once you've got the engine going - you can just plop down a few encounters in various settings in less than 5 minutes and you've created an hour of gameplay. Games like Fire Emblem and Disgaea can offer completely different experiences with the same enemies depending on how they're placed on the map, what obstacles and other terrain is around, and so on, and the player feels like they're making tangible progress whenever their numbers goes up. The market for infinite runners and other casual games is pretty much flooded, but RPGs are much rarer... there's definitely a chance to make a break there.

Also, if you're planning to have ads in your game, having a Tactics game means the player will spend a lot of time staring into a map screen coming up with strategies... which is perfect for static/banner ads.

Thanks for that response! I do see your point, making something in a genre that isn't flooded with games so it would get noticed. When I browse around the Google Play store I see good games that hardly get played because of so many other similar games. What engine would you suggest for this idea? I currently use unity but don't mind writing my own.

I more or less only use Game Maker, so I'm kinda biased here... it's not 100% optimal for RPGs, but it's very easy to build point-and-click interfaces with it since there's a WYSIWYG scene editor and several click events (which get translated to touchscreen events on mobile ports). It's also basically single-click cross-platform once you've set up developer accounts for the Play Store and the App Store (and so on) but I don't have a lot of experience with that at the moment.

You can currently (ends in 9 days from when I'm posting this) get GMS 1.x very cheaply on the Humble Bundle, so I'd recommend looking into that:

$1 gets you the PC license, and for $15 you get the mobile ports as well plus some other aux stuff like source code.

Getting the HB version also makes you eligible for the 40% GMS 2.x discount when you upgrade your 1.x license, so it's definitely a nice deal if you think it's interesting. 2.x still is basically in beta and not super-stable, so I'd stick around with 1.x for now and just keep an eye on when the upgrade discount will end.

If you DO get Game Maker, I recommend getting a GMC account as well so you can discuss stuff and find tutorials and learning resources easily: