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Goblins of Elderstone

Build a goblin village! Manage a chaotic tribe! Survive Winter! Expand, Trade and Conquer! Be the Goblin King! · By lostgoblin

Possible hero/avatar-esque unit?

A topic by xKayVeex created Aug 05, 2017 Views: 138 Replies: 3
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Probably just my love for the old Warcraft 3 game as well as a few recent interests that gave me this idea, but I just thought it would be awesome if there was a sort of hero/unique-esque unit that you could create somehow, maybe through one of the faith buildings perhaps? Like the altar building in Warcraft 3 gave you a selection of a couple of different heroes.

I actually quite like the idea though of it starting off just about the same as one of your regular newborn peons and maybe even you can manually have it go do various tasks like fetching sticks preemptively for your fellow gobbos, working on making weapons, all of that kind of things you can do with any other goblin really, but perhaps doing these tasks would steadily make your unique goblin/hero goblin stronger/level up? Perhaps even you could include a tree of various skills that the goblin could learn depending on the kind of jobs you have them do, like if you have them be a priest they could pick up various health/buff/blessing related abilities, if you help build weapons or be the war chief you would get offensive-style things, if you personally have them build buildings perhaps you could get buffs for them and other goblins that speed collecting resources, building things, crafting stuff. I wasn't really thinking anything too extreme either, just a bit of a special goblin sounded really cool in this generation-style game, you could try and get as many of the various different skills learned in their life-span as you want, or you could focus on trying to get 1 or 2 of the skill trees maxed out before they eventually (I assume with the age system) pass on, maybe there could be some kind of 'hall of heroes' esque way to even display them, like some systems on hardcore games that keep track of your characters that have died in game.

I would certainly love something like this involved, just as a personal love from other similar games that I already like this just about as much, as well as having a unique thing you could directly influence, not sure if maybe something similar is perhaps already in the works/planning, but yeah. Lol Just felt like sharing the idea.

hey there

You're in luck! We do have heroes planned. You will be able to hire heroes from the Tavern. The heroes available will show up randomly and have different skills. You will then be able to assign these heroes to your Raids to lead them. We have a few more plans with them beyond that but thats all I can reveal at this point. Also importantly, The Goblin Adventuring Party from Goblins Comic will be some of our first heroes in the game! :D

We're hoping to get the heroes in the game in the next few months.

really glad you are enjoying the game and love hearing great ideas and suggestions!


Neat, sounds like I get to relive the whole neutral hero hiring system from WC3 then. Lol At least if we get to control these heroes, I hope we do. I actually quite like the idea of all the autonomy going on with the peons and such, I just also like the idea of there being like, 1 peon goblin that you can basically take control of and go about training em up with the time they have for their lifespan. Lol But hiring heroes from a tavern sounds neat too, guess they don't necessarily have to be 'only' goblins that way too, then, unless the taverns are racist against anything that isn't a goblin. xP

haha :D