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Unreal Engine 4 Issues

A topic by fallayn created Aug 04, 2017 Views: 307 Replies: 4
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  • Most important: UVs seem glitchy. Lighting is wonky as a result: https://gfycat.com/FeminineAcclaimedIcelandichorse
  • Way too small scale and wrong rotation when importing into UE4 (maybe have "export for UE4/Unity/..." options)
  • There seems to be a seperate material generated per color used, not very efficient, not sure if you can do something about that
  • The mesh doesn't seem to be optimized either
  • "No smoothing group" warning when importing (FBX only)
  • "Overlapping UVs" warning when importing
  • No easy way to do collision besides using the complex mesh for collision, not sure if you can do anything about that either

Used the newest AssetForge Deluxe and Unreal Engine 4.16.3. Having the AssetForge version under "Help" or "About" or something would be cool, by the way.

The most important issue to me is the lighting/UV thing, as I don't know how to work around that - besides redoing the UVs myself, which would defeat the point of AssetForge. I really like the easy UX of AssetForge, so... that'd be a shame :)

Thanks for this detailed report! I'll definitely look into this since Unreal is an engine a ton of people use or will use. Adding special UE/Unity/etc. exports might be a good solution to add some details which some engines might need - thanks for that!

Thanks :) Playing around a bit more I'm actually not sure if its the UVs or the generated geometry, maybe stuff is overlapping too much or something similar - maybe joining the meshes would help? As I said, not sure, but hopefully you can fix it :) Thanks for your work!

I can confirm I have had all the same problems, I have hotfixed it by simply offsetting the objects with colliding UV's by an extremely small amount, or where possible merging them. Both these methods work for removing the flickering- good luck!

200 Days later and I'm having ALL the same problems. Will this be fixed soon or should I move on to find other software since the models I'm getting out of this aren't usable with the broken UVs.