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Goblins of Elderstone

Build a goblin village! Manage a chaotic tribe! Survive Winter! Expand, Trade and Conquer! Be the Goblin King! · By lostgoblin

Possible bug when starting out?

A topic by xKayVeex created Aug 03, 2017 Views: 218 Replies: 2
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So I figured I may have stumbled upon a crashing bug here that I was able to recreate a few times while trying to start a new game up. Whenever I am starting a new game and I get done with the tutorial/near the end of it usually it is about time for making a warren so folks don't get too crowded, I usually get it started before winter, but for about 4-5 games straight that I just started brand new I had this problem where I would start the warren, and after a bit of wandering about the goblins get about 13-15 of the 16 sticks needed to build the place, and then it just seems like they never get around to finishing it. After that, I would have a game crash whenever I would go to click on the destroy building button, 1 or 2 games I started and finished a warren before trying to cancel the un-finished one, and another game or two i just went to destroy the warren first before going on to build another.

I figure it is probably worth mentioning here considering the fact that I was able to have this occur basically in the same fashion, at the same point, same conditions, etc several times in a row.

EDIT: Ah, just a little addition as well, I managed to get a game a bit past the bug now and another bug I am having is when I relaunch the game, for some reason all of the four things on the scavenger hut, the frog, hemp, etc, they are all blanked out with a white square and hovering over them says "none" rather than the respective labels. On top of this it seems to be more than a visual bug because I can't seem to get them to gather hemp for making fabric at the weaver, but I am not 100% certain on that part of it yet.

EDIT2: Apparently it isn't just the scavenger's hut, the bug also makes the woodcutter's building with the blanked out white with the "none" tooltip on hover as well. Other then that, haven't had anymore bugs yet other than the occasional goblin being stuck on the way to gather some resource or the occasional random crash that feels like it is probably just normal alpha stuff/unoptimized this-and-that given what I have run into with other testing/demo games.

Also, a tad off topic, figured I would say that even with the numerous little bug I have been occasionally having (and expecting given alpha and all that jazz) this has probably been already one of my favorite games I have ever picked up. Lol Especially of late with having picked up a particular goblin-centered manga Re:Monster and also being quite in the mood for more goblin-related what-nots with the recent season of Diablo 3 having started up. Hope this game comes along well and I am glad to perhaps do my part in helping with reporting bugs and such. :D Anyway, sorry for dragging this post out. Lol


Thank you so much for the detailed bug report and the realy nice compliment! Very glad you like our little game  :D

We are aware of the vanishing item image bug and are working on fixing that. The crash bug we will have to investigate further. We're always reducing the number of crash bugs with each update anyway.

Our next Alpha should be out in a few weeks

Keep playing and posting! 

Unfortunately that is a bout the extent of the bugs I have run into, I do have a lot of crashes and such but unfortunately no way to really pinpoint anything worthwhile to mention. The game 'does' seem to crash less if it is in windowed mode running in 1600 by 900 as opposed to fullscreen 1980 by 1020, for whatever reason and help that may be to report. I figure most of the crashes I am having now are just probably compatibility and simply running into problems with unfinished/unimplemented tidbits, maybe something with the goblins getting stuck when trying to gather things like frogs or going back to the buildings for warmth and getting stuck on the porch/deck.

The only other noteworthy thing I can think of would be that the game seems to crash often and fairly soon after I relaunch a loaded save, but again that is the only constant among the crashes, sometimes it is 30 seconds to a minute later, sometimes it is 5+ minutes later. Where as when I just decide to start a new game it may not even crash until I have just about everything built (that is implemented) or may crash fairly soon maybe after I get around to getting cloth and such developed and going.