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Lullaby Gardens

Become a shopkeeper in a coastal town! Farm, mine, forage and catch bug to gather goods and supply your shop. · By dadaistudios


A topic by CountryKing88 created Aug 03, 2017 Views: 681 Replies: 3
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Would love to try this but, without a way to try it $30 is pretty steep.

I watched a couple of Youtubers run a demo. I've paid more for less and it looks like a fun challenge. Plus there's the probability that I can have my comments taken more seriously as an early user. Helping a game designer is much easier than complaining about those few things I don't like in a game. I'd rather pay a little more and get to add my opinion, than have to deal with the issues of coming later and dealing with the "but we added this because users wanted it" that I've seen in other games.   

It's been the best part of a year since my last post. The devs took some time off to go to school, or so they said. Now they've canceled all social media accounts for the game, are still accepting payment, but there has been *no* activity on their part. The community has received a notice that the programmer has left the team, but no one has 'officially' shared any information - it's all been "I was told" or "Someone said". Nope. Lots of Nope about this situation. It's looking like this game is going the way of so many early releases - nowhere.

I ended up deciding against getting. Glad I did.