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Create your own 3D models and 2D sprites! · By Kenney

Mini-Golf Set

A topic by Any_Key created Aug 02, 2017 Views: 2,304 Replies: 10
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Here's Keneny's Mini-Golf pack adapted for Asset Forge, with all parts tested and working in AF.  I did not make these, I just modified them to work with his tool.

There are a total of Fifty (50) objects in this kit which is everything from Kenney's kit on his site less the balls, clubs and most flags as I consider balls and clubs game objects and instances of flags can have the material swapped so you don't need three variations.

These mix and match with many built in Asset Forge sets allowing for an easy expansion and large variation of courses; you can easly make a vanilla mini golf set, a city course, and a castle course with just this pack and what's already included in Asset Forge.

I released this set on the Pixeland Discord in the #supporters channel long before now and will continue to do the same with other Kenney sets adapted for Asset Forge. If you want Kenney's Road Kit or Modular buildings kit for Asset Forge soon kick him a few bucks on Patreon and watch the Discord as those should be dropping there soon. (I'm doing this on my own without consulting or encouragement from him.)

Download The Mini Golf Kit Here


This is awesome!

I can't seem to get AF to recognize the blocks. Do you just put the folder in the Collections folder?

That looks right to me.

This is just a little test I did in UE4 with this pack. It's truly fantastic thank you so much!

How did you do this. When trying to fit my blocks together in Unity there are gaps etc. Please help! Thanks

How did you do this. When trying to fit my blocks together in Unity there are gaps etc. Please help! Thanks


Really liked the example so I decided to recreate it in ue4. Hope you enjoy!!

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I don't know if it's just me having this issue but I can't download the file from TinyUpload. IDM catches the file but do not show any size so it can't download

EDIT: everything went fine when I tried without IDM

Any chance to reupload?