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fps game(green vs red) new update

A topic by Olinguito Entertainment created 54 days ago Views: 490 Replies: 31
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a game where you fight ai.

not much more is planed

allot of work on ai.

plannings on a new name: green vs red. what do you think?


Hey, thanks for creating a devlog. Try to include some more information so anyone who finds this topic knows more about what you're creating. A devlog is one of the first steps to marketing your game so you want to give it a good first impression. Thanks

its not much to tell yet...

some big work on new sniper class for the ai.

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download the game now!'

big work on ui and gun 

new death screen

now you can change the number of ais

and maps

and guns!

new map!

new update! More info at:


doingsome something work on game modes

new update


and bug fixes

some work on sound and a new map

new map
remake of the desert map
new effects 
new menue screen
and music 
bug fixes

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new win screen

sound bug fix.

new update comming 8 pm today!

New gun and change on The Village map

Check out the game: https://olinguito-entertainment.itch.io/green-vs-red-alpha


a new map in the makings!

new update A NEW MAP!

change log:

new map

re name of normal gun 1 and 2 to gun and gun2

bug fixes

download: https://olinguito-entertainment.itch.io/green-vs-red-alpha

some work on reloding animations

health is now 10 insted off 100 that makes the game harder

some changes in the farm map

and now the ai can have a shoutgun 

aug renamed to shotgun

some work on a sight

new update Download: https://olinguito-entertainment.itch.io/green-vs-red-alpha

new update /\

huge new update must PLAY! DOWNLOAD: https://olinguito-entertainment.itch.io/green-vs-red-alpha

now You can bug the support edition! Support the game development!

Features in The support edition:

Lupper gun

Join my discord channel now for updates and other stuff: https://discord.gg/Mjy9CU6

some work on ui and bug fixes

many bug fixes 

i am working on competetive! but its not multiplay its you and bots vs bots. you collect point to make your way up the ranks

more bug fixes

bugfixes and some changes to competetive

now on sale: https://olinguito-entertainment.itch.io/green-vs-red-alpha

new update 

many bug fixes 

new gun luper 

and a healt bar