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Early Access Feature Discussion Sticky

A topic by Abandon Ship! created Jan 01, 2016 Views: 602 Replies: 10
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Post your suggestions for features and stuff that you'd like to see in #BlockLivesMatter.


Under the newsfeed, where you have scrolling not-tweets. Hook that up to Twitter and making it draw from tweets made under the #BlockLivesMatter hashtag. Just make that an option to toggle. It will be hilarious.


Thanks for the feedback! The ticker at the bottom tweets the actual stream from @boxnewslive twitter feed and the twitter feed retweets #BlockLivesMatter, but there could be some issues with it at the moment due to the increased traffic we're getting. Will definitely have to fix this. Thanks!

Couple of bugs I noticed:

-The camera angles in the right hallway of the map could be better. Some of the buildings are tall enough to block your view, especially during the zoomed in sections and when you move farther south. Left hallway doesn't have this problem.

-At some point while playing in the blue block mode, one of the jumping grey blocks couldn't be shot and appeared to be jumping one level above everything else. When it would get close, it would simply jump on top of the player block and stay there. Shooting up had no effect either. Would be neat to implement this as a kind of helicopter enemy in later levels if its not intended.

-White blocks only drop one coin when shot by a blue block. Again, might be intended.

-First time I played the game there were none of the drops I saw on later runs. Kills only rewarded with coins, which in turn only gave ammo through the shop, which was the only way to get more ammo. There were no dual-cannons or drugs or the like. I got to the third wave like this, so I don't think it was a case of "just missing it".

Otherwise it was very fun experience. Awaiting more updates in the future.


Awesome! Thanks, we'll look into this and get it fixed up.

I think if there were bonuses to moving with the musical beats it would be pretty cool. But that's obviously a more long term consideration.

Also this is a minor annoyance, when I'm playing as the black block the audio gets really distorted when I move around and don't do anything.

If you need help play testing let me know, visually this game is really nice and with more time I'm sure it'll only get better.


Thanks! We'll definitely need a lot of help playtesting.

An interesting mechanic would be if the camera would switch every once in a while go to different cameras like if a bunch of helicopters were there.

Please also make it so that reloads don't spawn in the middle of the enemy

Very fun game can't wait to see more

Thank you


Thanks for the feedback! We're going to continue tuning the spawning mechanism for ammo and will look into adding additional helicopter cams

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Add conditional statements for:

  • Prevent enemy blocks from spawning on a square that is occupied by a player.
  • Prevent enemy blocks from spawning within 2 squares of the 'player block' rolling trajectory as a minimum. (or 5 squares for easy difficulty)

Thanks! Those will be implemented in the next build