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Patreon questions.

A topic by NightSneaker created Mar 23, 2021 Views: 256 Replies: 4
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So I was looking through your tiers on Patreon and had 2 questions. 1 being, in the $50 tier, it mentions "plus all previous non-tier rewards!" and I got to thinking, was that a typo or otherwise what exactly are non-tier rewards? 2 being your tiers state anyone who totals $20 or more would receive the game on release, but what if for some reason, a patron had to cancel their subscription after already reaching that milestone before release?

Never mind, I'm part idiot. After subbing to your patreon, I found your faq(?) and discovered the answer to my 2nd question. For my first question, I'm just gonna assume it means rewards from other tiers instead or something..


So to use a picture as an example;

The "Tier Rewards" are anything in bold text, the stuff at the top.

So by "non-tier rewards", it's talking about things like "the latest demos for the game", and "the game at launch for a cumulative amount of $20", and checking lower tiers than this, it also inicludes "access to the activity feed and the Discord channel", although the Discord is public nowadays.

Hope that makes it clear, feel free to ask any more questions of course!

That actually does help clarify things. Thanks for getting back to me!


Happy to clarify :D also Spy x Family is an amazing series, can't wait for an anime of it!