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Please Let Game Jam End on Scheduled Date

A topic by MinisterJay created 85 days ago Views: 56 Replies: 6
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Many that joined this Game Jam did within the first few days, of it starting.  I joined towards the end.  There has been plenty of time for all that joined to have a completed game by the current deadline.   That is what deadlines are for.  If there were no submissions made, and there were less than 24 hours left, that may be an excuse to possibly extend it. A submission was made with over 24 hours left.

Please Let Game Jam End on Scheduled Date.



It will. It was originally to end by the start of August, as it still will. And voting is meant to end on Friday night.

Thanks.  I am still recovering from a neck surgery, so if I am coming off mean, just let me know.  I apologize for coming off as an insincere person. There may be valid reasons for a delay.  Sometimes, we know about possible delays, and sometimes we don't.  You have been a very understanding host.


No problem. I understand that you don't at all mean to come off as rude, so I do my best to not take offense :-)

Just so you know, I decided to extend it for an entire day because you were the only one to submit an entry once it closed. But I won't extend it a second time.

I have done the same about a year ago.  It too had only 1 submission out of about seven entrants.

This is a shame. Oh well, I suppose you technically win!