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Future Fragments has genre-bending gameplay, full voicework and a branching storyline with choices that actually matter. · By HentaiWriter

Any chance we get a version for mobile?

A topic by Redrobin3695 created Mar 18, 2021 Views: 120 Replies: 1
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Has the team thought of porting the game for mobile devices like some other games have been doing recently?


It's unlikely we'll be able to do a mobile version, for a few reasons;

  • The overall size of the amount of voice files in the game would likely be just too much for some mobile devices, clocking in at over 25 hours of voicework
  • Being a platformer game where you'd be holding up to 3 buttons at once often (direction + shoot + jump), it would prove a challenge to fit all that on screen at once and again with some mobile devices not recognizing multiple presses like that
    • Switching the control scheme to allow for say, single button specials or insta-charge things would fundamentally change what you could do on maps, leading to many softlocks and similar issues
  • The text would need to be upscaled to be readable on a mobile device, which means all 250,000+ words would need to be re-arranged and the voicework per block of text re-chopped up, which would take probably 4-5 months minimum to get everything in order
  • A lot of new GUI art would need to be made and new menus programmed in for things like the powerups screen, which would be too small as-is to work on a mobile device

At best, we'd probably try to release a version for large tablets, as that would make all of these a non-issue, but going forward, we'll be making games here and there that will be specifically designed with mobile in mind, along with specifically "desktop/laptop-catered games" like Future Fragments still.