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Steam release

A topic by Liquinox created Mar 17, 2021 Views: 72 Replies: 2
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Hello! I'm loving the first game, and I'm psyched to play the rest. Sorry for the annoying question, but does the first "season" on Steam comprise of the first three episodes on itch? If it does, (here's the annoying part) is there any chance of steam keys being made available for people who purchase on itch? I love itch, but prefer Steam when it's available, and was wondering if I should pick up the second and third games now or wait for them on Steam. Thanks!


Thanks for trying the first game!

Yes, Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle, Season One on Steam will comprise the three chapters that have so-far been released on itch, with the addition of new content & features, such as improved art, user interface & steam achievements.

In terms of Steam keys, we won't be providing everyone who owns the existing games free keys, but we will have opportunities to reward longtime supporters with free keys closer to release, so people can start playing on day-1. If you want to get in on that, as itch lacks any kind of messaging system, we strongly recommend joining the NALE Discord and/or following us on Twitter. We're still working out exactly how launch is going to work, so there'll be updates closer to the time.

Also, we recommend you subscribe to the game's mailing list to be kept aware of announcements near launch.

Just for full transparency, we will be patching Chapters 1-3 on itchio some time after the Steam launch; these patches will bring over some of the QoL fixes made that improve the Steam version, but not everything; e.g. the improved art will remain a Season One exclusive, and things like Steam Achievements simply don't transfer.

In terms of whether this means you should buy the chapters now or later, that's totally up to you. From our perspective, NALE isn't crowdfunded and doesn't take donations; the game is entirely funded by sales and the merch store, so we appreciate it when fans buy the game through any channel. So if you really must see the continuation of Nina's adventures right now, the chapters are still available, or you can hold off for the definitive release later in the year.

Whatever you decide, we hope that you have a great time when you get to play through Chapters 2 and 3!

Wow, thank you so much for the super-detailed answer!!