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Save the World. [RPG]

A topic by Oskiek created Jul 28, 2017 Views: 249
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Hi. I have started this project some time ago. 

It would be good to tell you about the storyline. Shortly: Insane Madman wants to take control of the world. You (player) have to stop him. In game there will be some quests by NPCs placed in various places, fighting with enemies (turnbased system, melee weapons, magic and maybe other things),a lot of walking around and so on.

What has been done for now is:

  •  (Bigger) Part of Tile Sheet
  • Player character and animation
  • One NPC character
  • Four locations

And now what I will focus in upcoming time:

  • More NPCS
  • Making it actually playable, even in small part.
  • First quests

And here you have a small preview what I achieved for now. Its not a lot, but I hope it will be much more soon.

Hope you will like this project.