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HELP: smelting metal ore

A topic by hamidreza_ao created Jul 28, 2017 Views: 1,847 Replies: 9
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i cant find anything related to smelt metal ore. i got the clay furnace and it only gives me charcoal. what to do?

also. how can i make metal plates?

Build clay furnace, put 2 log to make charcoal. Put metal ore and charcoal into furnace to get metal. Build metal workbench. Put 2 metal into metal workbench to get metal plate.

thanks dude.

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how do u get the clay???

u ¨dig¨ it with a shovel from the clay tiles (orange ones)

how do you get metal in 21. "tito"?

21.2  "tito"*

you make a pickaxe and left click on stone(grey tiles)

This is getting off-topic