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Destroy Blocks

A topic by D-Studios created Jul 28, 2017 Views: 123
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Destroy Blocks was originally a Ludum Dare 38 entry, and the theme was "A Small World". The game has been remastered based on the opinions of others during the rating and playing session in Ludum Dare 38.

In Destroy Blocks, the player must destroy as many blocks as they possibly can in 60 seconds. During those 60 seconds, enemies will spawn and harm the player by touching them. Enemies can kill the player and cause a "Game Over!". Therefore, while destroying blocks, it is essential for the player to defend himself/herself. Other than running away from enemies, the player can also shoot and kill enemies. 

Another interesting feature in the game is that players can disable gravity and fly in the air. This can help the player destroy some blocks that are not close to the ground and get a good view of where the enemies in the game are.

For each block the player destroys, the score increases by one. This game also contains a high score mechanic.

Watch a YouTube Trailer of the game here: