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Goblins of Elderstone

Build a goblin village! Manage a chaotic tribe! Survive Winter! Expand, Trade and Conquer! Be the Goblin King! · By lostgoblin

Just checking in.

A topic by FallenShogun created Jul 27, 2017 Views: 196 Replies: 2
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Hey! So I have been following the game on and off for a while, anything involving some kind of colony and goblins to me is just amazing and needs to be owned and after noticing some bigger youtubers releasing content I just had to pick it up. Played around a little and absolutely loving the game even though I am quite bad but I have one thing I noticed atm. When in diplomacy with the council the only way to leave is a very tiny red cross that appears over your resources. It is extremely easy to miss along with the whole escape not backing out of the screen too. Apart from that I look forward to seeing more

Ohw apparently diplomacy is greyed out so I possibly found a bug? I made a chieftain who declared war on me and then took me to the diplomacy screen

hey there! So glad you like what we're doing! :D

Yes thats why diplomacy is greyed out, its not a fully fledged feature yet and the actions there currently have no meaning. We'll be working on those layers of gameplay in future updates.

Thank you for your support!