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Problem loading custom models on the Mac

A topic by pcestrada created Jul 27, 2017 Views: 234 Replies: 3
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I placed the Models folder from the recently released Castle Kit 1.0 into the Collections folder (assetforge-deluxe/Collections/Models) and it does not show up in Asset Forge on the Mac when I cycle through the collections. I also can't open an obj from the Caste Kit if I choose one from the Open menu item. However,  when I place the Models folder on my Windows machine, the models do show up. Also, the scale is off on the models as they are way too big under Windows. 

Please note that the asset kits released on Patreon are not Asset Forge custom collections, they're not directly compatible.

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I noticed this seems to be a common problem for some mac users. I didn't go through the app and think maybe thats the problem. I just unzipped and ran. I think the root issue comes from Macs new "App Translocation" security feature. I posted about it here:

Sorry for the repeat, hope what i found and posted in the above helps. 

Hello, i'm having trouble getting AssetForge to recognize custom items on mac as well.  I downloaded the buildings pack from here:
The custom folder doesn't show up at all. 

My folder structure:

AssetForge Version 1.2.1
MacOS High Sierra 10.12.1


Hi there, I am having the exact same issue. Same folder structure and everything. Just like, @dejanristic.
I tried to disable gatekeeper so that running apps from anywhere is allowed by default:

sudo spctl --master-disable

But it does not seem to levitate the problem.

I'm currently running AssetForge Version 1.3

MacOS Mojave 10.14.2