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[ART] Artist looking for game jam Partners!

A topic by lamb katcher created Jul 26, 2017 Views: 361 Replies: 5
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there are a bunch of game jams starting and I have always wanted to participate, but I don't know how to program! so I'm looking for a partner or team to join. I do 2D and 3D work, but for a game jam we should probably stick with 2D, you can check out my work here . if you are someone who loves experimental games or art, lets enter the game jam together

Hey I'm a software engineer who has done some cursory game programming in the past but nothing to substantial and I'm interested in giving a jam a go. If your interested maybe we can talk about joining one.

cool! send me an email

Hello, My team and I are working on a game for The Darktober Jam and we're looking for an artist. I was wondering if you were still looking to work with people. Let me know. Thank you

maybe! can you send me an e-mail at and give me some more info about you team

I sent you an email!