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Are user reviews public?

A topic by Lapioware created Jul 26, 2017 Views: 109 Replies: 4
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Are user reviews public or are they only shown to me via my dashboard? Can I somehow reply or comment on them?

Comments are showing up on my page and I can reply to them, no problem there.


Currently they are only shown on your dashboard but we plan on making them visible, along with able to be commented on. We'll make sure to add controls to keep them private if you wish.


Thanks! I'd appreciate this feature since I've one exceptionally long review that was clearly written in a way that the author intended it to be helpful to other users.


Is there are way to contact the review author? I can't figure out how to PM him or how to tie it to one of the buyers so I could send him an e-mail.

I was also interested in having the option to have reviews visible on the page.  So thanks for this!