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Astronaut In a Wheelchair released!

A topic by Avanrossum created Jul 26, 2017 Views: 203
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Designed and built for a game jam, Astronaut in a Wheelchair is a casual shooter that I'm actually sort of proud of, so I'm sharing!

Would love to have some feedback as well!

Download Free:

Astronaut in a Wheelchair is a game about an astronaut in a wheelchair.

Some say he lost the use of his legs in a terrible hyperspace accident, some say he never could use them. Others think he just likes wheelchairs.

But one thing is for certain - he must use his rocket-launcher equipped wheelchair to slay as many of the marauding killbots as he can before he, too, succumbs to their overwhelming numbers.

Built for the "Can you Survive this Jam" Game Jam here on, Astronaut in a Wheelchair is a fast paced, casual game done up in classic 8-bit style, with chiptunes from the incredibly talented EricSkiff and Ozzed, so give it a play today!

Controls are simple - a shoots left, d shoots right.