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Jack Hoth: The Legendary Journey - A Comedy RPG

A topic by Acidhedz created Jul 26, 2017 Views: 208
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Jack Hoth: The Legendary Journey is a difficult game to sum up quickly. 
It's a comedy game, and has hundreds of jokes. So you can play it to have some laughs.
However, if you're looking for more than laughs, the further into the game you go... the more you will find dark, twisted and dramatic elements as well. Every time you think you know what to expect, it will toss some curve balls at you. 

It has turn based combat, with the emphasis on using your skills. If you don't, you die. The further into the game you get, the more it forces you to make cost - effect calls for what the characters do for each turn.

Here are a couple of player quotes:

"This game was a delightful (though at times mildly unsettling) adventure!"

" I think my favorite thing had to be walking around and looking at the scenery, the banter between the PCs and the various running gags!"