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Pharmakon: tactical battles, drones, puzzles & beasts! [ITCH.IO / STEAM]

A topic by Visumeca Games - Ludovic Servat created Jul 26, 2017 Views: 170
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Pharmakon is a roguelite turn-based game about tactical battles between puzle-powered drones and elemental beasts.

Pharmakon is a roguelite turn based game about tactical battles between puzzle-powered drones and elemental beasts.
The adventure takes place in a sci-fi world ruled by technological exploitation of nature’s elements.
The game challenges players to fight elemental beasts infesting their faction’s territory.
To achieve their goal, players power up a drone with elemental puzzle parts to set up tactical attacks against dangerous packs of beasts.

The last 3 years, I developed (almost) alone the game and now: Pharmakon is released on Steam for all the players!

Steam Store Page : Store Page :

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