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RIP Headphone users

A topic by PGerman created Mar 10, 2021 Views: 670 Replies: 4
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I started the app for the first time 30 seconds ago and the music was at the highest setting, I turned it to 20% and it was still too loud, I had to turn my pc volume from 70 to 20 just so it's comfortable. I use RPG maker MV myself and I know it sucks to have the music at max volume, but please find a way to make it start either off or at 20% at least. I have a ringing in my ears now.


I super apologize about that, its a stupid thing RPG maker does. It's a big reason we are switching over to unity for the new version.

my ears got blasted


I can see if my source files still exist. and possibly take that music out, I am sorry sheep. I promise in the new game we won't have this issue