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A topic by JNI created Jul 22, 2017 Views: 8,374 Replies: 216
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Swat units that have extra walk speed and small bulletproof shields.

could you change a fire-burning grenade in such a way that the flame would settle for a while on the ground, similarly do a toxic grenade?

can someone help me i downloaded ancient warfare 3 newest versien and it has very weird colors and everithing is pink or black

did u tried to redownload?

Hi love the game and the evolution of the different games ancient warfare 3 is my favourite. 

I would love if you offer more options for the siege mode.

Choosing what the objective of the invaders and the defenders. 

example you can choose what the defenders focus on specifically such as the enemy infantry or their siege weapons like you have with the planes.

Example for the defenders ie pillage and burn or capture.

I would love to see more options for buildings depending on the different time period so you can build a really cool city and then you have to defend it. 

But most importantly I would like if you can choose what the enemy is able to destroy if its everything or just other soldiers this would make it soo that the only way you could have a siege is if you used siege weapons which would make it more immersive.

Lastly I would love to see more siege weapons and equipments even if its just a ladder for the infantry, plus broader city walls allowing for more dynamic fighting and stairs. Just some notes hope it finds you well.

Another thing that would be nice if when you use the battering ram it doesn't destroy the entire structure of a gate. It would be nice if you have the option to destroy an entire structure when you use a catapult but when its a battering ram it would be nice if it just destroyed the gate and thus the objective would be to clear a battlement not destroy it.

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