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[Art] Freelance 2D Game Artist

A topic by Hayes2D created Jul 21, 2017 Views: 1,219 Replies: 11
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I'm a freelance 2D artist. I work with game assets, illustration and graphic design. I can adapt and create a large number of styles. From pixel art to something a little more illustrative I can find the right style to fit your project.

Art Direction // Game Assets // Illustration // Graphic Design // Animation // Concept Art // Promotional Graphics // Pixel Art // Photoshop // Illustrator // Spine 2D

If you would like a quote or have any questions about me or my work please get in touch.



Hi Hayes2D

I'm currently making a clone of Eye of the Beholder II (it's a real time dungeon crawler in the D&D style). You can find a working preview at As you will see, I use the original assets and of course I don't have the right to do such a thing... I browsed your portfolio and found the game assets for Hyper Knights are in line with my project.

What I'm looking for, for the first step, is to remake all the original assets with better and improved design. To help you, I can provide you the original assets to show you the work that have to be done (this is mainly 2d bitmaps).


Hi Iliak,

Thanks for getting in touch, love the idea! That would be very helpful if you can supply the origional/placeholder assets.

If you can email me at so we can discuss the project in further detail that would be great.

Kind Regards,


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Hey Folks,

If you've ever wanted to know more about my process when designing a new style, check this series out:

Get in touch at if your game needs a new look!

Here's what I made in those last two videos:

If you need help finding the right look for your game get in touch at

Some games can have an unlimited number of potential styles, working from concept to final assets I can help find the perfect look.


Find out more about my design process with episode 3 of my art direction series.If you need help finding the right look for your game, get in touch at

“A gauntlet and his shepherd”

Finding the right style doesn’t always have to start with level concepts.

Need to find the right look for your game?

Hey! I am a Programmer and I am searching for a Partner who want to make Android Games with me but I am not very good in design so if you want you could add me in skype:

Hi Folks, just a quick update to let you know we have an opening to take on more freelance work. If you need help finding the perfect look for your game send us an email to

Exploring styles and themes before settling on The Hidden Doubloon! A pirate themed memory puzzle game.

If you need help finding that perfect look for your upcoming creation, get in touch at

Here’s my process of moving from a mock-up to final assets that can scale to any screen size.

Need an artist? Email