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Make a shooter in Lua/Love2D

A topic by Micro Brood Games created Jul 19, 2017 Views: 284 Replies: 4
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I recently started learning Lua and the Love2D framework. I decided to create a blog series about making a simple shooter. I figured it would both help cement my own learning and hopefully be of use to others. I have published three parts and I plan to do at least one more.

Part 1 - Movement

Part 2 - Shooting

Part 3 - Enemies

I am planning to write about particle effects and animations in the next post.

Any questions or comments are welcome!


Thanks for posting, looks like a useful set of tutorials.

Thank you!

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Part 4 is up! This post describes how to use particle systems to generate trails and explosions, as well as adding some basic animation.

In the final part, I will be writing about adding sound effects and music.

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And wrapping up this tutorial is Part 5

Check it out to learn about looping music and triggering sound effects with Love2D!